Post 1 – What am I doing now?

So my shopping habbits currently include:

  • Amazon (books and presents)
  • Supermarkets (food and general domestic consumables)
  • High street clothes shops (when I get the chance)
  • Petrol (mainly from supermarkets)
  • DIY (large multinational stores)

Reasons why I shop as I do:

  • Convenience (likely to have what I am looking for)
  • Price (often based on comparison)
  • Speed (out of town parking, home delivery)

My current methods of shopping:

  • Food and domestic consumeables – monthly trip to the supermarket or home delivery, topped up by the local Co-op
  • Presents – often last minute and online for quick delivery
  • Clothes and DIY – when required and a trip to out of town shops (because they are open late)

Not a surprising set of answers and probably what you will hear from many people, but it is these habits that I want to challenge and explore in my own shopping. I can’t claim that I will be completly virtuous but I am going to give it a pretty good try.


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