Post 2 – Where to start

Well there is no time like the present to get started, even if it is baby steps. I took a trip round the corner to Arbury Court.

1) blog_art of meatArt of Meat (1 shop) – run by Jon West who is a font of knowledge. He stocks local meat, with a variety of cuts and sausages he makes on site. I was making spaghetti bolognese and just needed meat (I had everything else in the cupboard – where I will go to replenish it is a good question.

Bought: 500g of minced Riverside Beef

Cost: £4.40 (Tesco £4.00, plus an offer of 3 for £10)

Notes: Great quality meat, especially in the taste (a lot more beef!)

2) Dorringtons Family Bakery (16 shops) – a family business established in 1919 whose shops are all within a 50 mile radius. I usually buy a Hovis white slice, but I must admit I do prefer a good granary loaf, which is hard to find in supermarkets these days (I’m no fan of the multigrain batch they seem to stock).

Bought: 1 large granary cob loaf (sliced for me)

Cost: £1.95 (Tesco Hovis granary loaf £1.45)

Notes: I am pleased that the freshness is lasting longer than expected

3) Les Ward Greengrocers (3 shops est.) known in the Cambridge area as they have a number of shops and a wholesale business. I was in need of a snack so rather than grabbing a chocolate bar from the newsagents I grabbed an apple. I was pleased to discover that they also had a range of pulses, grains and dried herbs from a local supplier.

Bought: 1 x British Gala apple

Cost: 20p each (Tesco 31p each)

Notes: It was cheaper!

4) LLyods Pharmacy (1,587 shops) not as small company as I thought (misperception on the high street  is something to be explored in the future). I have been meaning to go to the chemist and pick something up, so as it was there I did just that.

Bought: sundries

Cost: £3.29 (Boots equivalent £4.49)

Notes: Cheaper purchase, but still a chain. Independent chemists are probably a rare thing.

Lesson 1: a good reminder what is round the corner and interesting to find that some things can be cheaper.


5 responses »

  1. Gemma says:

    There’s a really well-stocked and helpful independent chemist in Linton.

  2. karohemd says:

    Stock up on dry goods like pasta, rice, flour, pulses etc. here:

  3. Rachel says:

    I spotted an independent-looking chemist in Mill Road on Tuesday, will have to find out the name.

  4. carripavitt says:

    I since have realised that is a independent chemist very close by to me on Milton Road.

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