Post 4 – Recommendations from others

There has been a phenomenal response to the Cambridge Shop Local Challenge (2 – 8 April 2013) which launched last Tuesday during a twitter conversation between four people. In just a few days there is close to 50 people pledging to shop local for a week.

The challenge has raised lots of interesting discussions, including “what do we mean when we say ‘local‘”. I’m going to meet with a few people next week to talk through the different definitions and will feedback our ideas in a blog post.

For me it is great that so many people are taking part and I hope it encourages us to think about how we spend our money and to share our experiences.

The other benefit of discussing the challenge online are the recommendations people are making of places to shop in Cambridge and the surrounding area. It has also been great to hear from the local independent businesses who are getting involved.

So here is an ever-growing list (in alphabetical order) of recommendations and supporters.

Recommendations (I have received)

I have also been given a link to the Cambridge Carbon Footprint website where they provide a list of local food producers and retailers.

* indicates shops that I have not personally used

Supporting businesses (of the Cambridge Shop Local Challenge)

Since the #CamShopLocal a similar challenge is gathering momentum in Saffron Walden #SaffShopLocal

Local blogger Ozzy has also been compiling a list of local independents in Cambridge in a recent blog post.

If you have any recommendations or are an independent business wanting to support the challenge please let me know.


3 responses »

  1. davidousby says:

    So we’re not on the radar then?


    David Director Cambridge Wood Works a not for profit social enterprise reusing waste wood for community benefit Penn Farm Haslingfield Cambridge

  2. carripavitt says:

    I’m so sorry, I was worried I would have missed somebody, thanks for letting me know, you are now added to list. Best wishes, Carri

  3. Hi Carri,

    Just to thank you so much for the support provided already and for re-inspiring the local community – this is a fab kick up the back side for me and I’ve even blogged, finally! hurrah.

    Enjoy your birthday celebrations local -stylee…xxx

    Miss Sue Flay

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