Since launching my own business Pavitt’s Pies of Cambridge I have been immersed in to the wonderful world of local food producers and independent businesses Cambridge has to offer. As a Cambridge girl born and bred I love the city and after any travel, near or far, I always find myself looking forward to coming home. So it has been a fascinating side to the challenge of starting my own business to meet a whole host of people with their own businesses and having the oppourtunity to work with them.

In recent years Cambridge has been criticised for being a ‘Clone town‘ with a huge number of multinational brands dominating the city’s shops. In response to this there has been a heroic effort made by a number of people across the city to tackle this poor reputation and celebrate the rich fabric of local independents. However, it is not just the existance of these local businesses that is required but our regular support of them.

In 2013 it is my resolve to shop local.


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  1. Jane Horwood says:

    Dear Carri

    I wear 3 independent hats.

    Catfish Web Design http://www.catfishwebdesign.com

    Cambridge Women (networking group) http://www.cambridgewomen.co.uk

    Trash Chic (upcycled clothes) http://www.trashchic.co.uk

    Not sure if you can mention me in your list.

  2. carripavitt says:

    Hi Jane, thanks for getting in touch and for your support of Cambridge Shop Local, I have added you to the listing in post 4. Best wishes, Carri

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